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My Favorite Places to Read

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I love to read and I am never without a good book.  There is nothing like getting lost in a good story and I have four place where I love to read:

-The Library- Going to libraries has always been something I look forward to.  The library is a place of inspiration and peace which makes it a perfect place to get lost in a book.

-On the bus/train- I commute to work by public transportation as a way to save money on gas.  There are advantages to using public transportation but the trains and buses get crowded and I start to feel uncomfortable and enclosed.  Reading while listening to my iPod helps me to relax and to not feel anxious during my commute.

-At Home- I’m a homebody and I love reading in my huge bed.  I read for an hour each night before going to sleep and it helps to calm my mind and I sleep a lot better.

-Coffee Shop- Reading in a coffee shop is a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning or afternoon and it combines my two loves (coffee and books).

Five Ways I Procrastinate

Normally, I am an organized person when it comes to balancing work and school but there are times I procrastinate and I put off something until the last minute.  There are five ways that I procrastinate: surfing the internet, watching TV, running errands, reading a book, and taking a nap.

Surfing the internet- Whenever I want to procrastinate, I can always find something to look at one the internet.  I frequently check Facebook and Twitter and there are times when I feel that both sites are a time waster.  I also get caught up in reading my favorite blogs and time passes quickly. 

Watching TV- Whenever I don’t want to do readings for school, I will always turn on the TV and start watching something.  I tell myself that I’m just going to watch for 30 minutes and I end of watching for an hour or more which leaves me with less time to finish my readings.  I always feel guilty about this so I try hard not to even turn on the TV.

Running errands- I normally run all of my errands on Sunday morning unless it’s something that I really need.  However, I’ve started using this as a way to procrastinate.  Instead of coming straight home after work and starting my studies, I will go grocery shopping or run to the post office just to kill time.

Reading a book- I have a lot of reading to do for class and yet I still love reading literature.  There are times when I will come home and start reading a novel as opposed to my readings for school.  While I enjoy the time spent with a good book that was time that I should have been working on school assignments.

Taking a nap- This is a huge one for me because I love to sleep.  I could honestly take a nap just about anywhere.  I tell myself that I’ll take a 30 minute nap and then I’ll get up and do work but that never happens.  Usually I sleep past the 30 minutes even though I use an alarm clock and I don’t get any work done.

Why I’m Going Digital

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

I never thought I’d buy an e-reader but I bought one over the weekend. There are two reasons why I bought one. The first reason is that I commute to work using public transportation. It’s hard to carry heavy, thick books in addition to the other items that I carry with me on a daily basis. The second reason is because I dislike clutter. I’m a minimalist and I just have the basic items in my place. As much as I love books, I don’t want them all over my apartment.

The thought of buying an e-reader was something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. I love the smell, touch, and sight of books and the was the pages feel on my fingers. I thought about just borrowing books from the library but that still didn’t settle the problem of having to carry a heavy book around and I didn’t want to be limited to my choices (meaning I didn’t want to only borrow smaller books). I was concerned that by buying an e-reader, I would be betraying my natural love of books. Instead of the sensual experience I get from holding an actualy book, I would be holding a cold, electronic device. I wondered if I would be able to connect with what I was reading.

Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case. I love my e-reader and I’ve found myself getting lost in what I’m reading just like I normally would. I feel this is one of the best devices I’ve bought in a long time.

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