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Happy Geese

Good Bye Snow

This was a photo that I took after one of our snow storms.  We’ve been having nice weather here in Colorado after so much snow this winter but we could possibly get more even though Spring is around the corner.  I’m looking forward to nicer weather, sunshine, and longer days.  With this photo I say goodbye to the snow and hello to Spring.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

This is my take on distorted photos.  I use an app on my phone called Little Photo that has different filters you can use when editing a photo. The original photo was taken at the Garden of the Gods and I’ve used two different filters:  one that makes the photo look vintage and another that turns it the color blue.

Original Photo



Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Normally, I indulge myself by buying frozen yogurt, a book, or even a journal but recently I purchased this beautiful bracelet.  It’s a charm bracelet and I can add more charms little by little.  Ever since I was a child, I had wanted a bracelet like this and I plan to add charms that tell more and more about myself.  I’ve started off with two charms:  a purse and a stack of books.  The purse represents my love of purses (especially vintage purses) and it’s amazing that I’m not a purse hoarder.  The stack of books represents my constant search for knowledge and the fact that I’m always reading something.  It is also an acknowledgement of all the hard work that I’m putting into my graduate studies.


I took this photo while I was walking one day.  I stopped to watch the geese that are in the background playing in the snow and the sun was going down.  It was a beautiful and peaceful moment.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

The three photos are from the Native American Art collection at the Denver Art Museum.  I love totem poles and masks but especially totem poles. My interest in them was so strong that I actually took a class to study them and understand their history and how they are made.

Totem Pole from the Native American Art Collection at the Denver Art Museum


Another totem pole from the same collection.


An mask from the Native American Art Collection and the Denver Art Museum


Garden of the Gods

My sibling and I took a day trip to the Garden of the Gods which is located in Colorado Springs (a city about an hour and a half south of Denver). This is a beautiful national park with awesome red rock formations and a breathtaking view of Pikes Peak in the background.  There are many hiking and biking trails and it’s a great place to enjoy nature.  Below are some photos that highlight the trip:

View of Garden of The Gods from the Visitor Center. Pikes Peak is in the background

Another view from the Visitor Center.

At the entrance to the Gardens

A detailed map of the park

The next photos are of the different red rock formations around  the park.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

My take on “entrance” is not literal.  This is a famous sculpture here in Denver near one of the entrances to the Colorado Convention Center.

Ten Plans for Summer

I finished my final project for my Intercultural Communications class on Sunday and now I’m ready for summer and lots of “me” time.  Here are my top ten plans for summer:

1. Read One Years of Solitude by Gabriel Gracía Márquez (in Spanish)

2. Learning how to paint with watercolors

3. Art journaling

4.  Weekend trips to the mountains

5.  Sitting by the pool

6.  Eating lots of Pinkberry

7.  Photographing old buildings around Denver

8.  Career planning

9.  Pedicures

10.  Daily self-reflection writing

I Wish My Hobbies Would Keep Me Fit

Pilates at a Gym Category:Pilates Category:Fit...

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I wish all of my hobbies – writing, penpalling, reading, watching documentaries, surfing the internet – would keep me fit.  Sadly, they don’t and none of them involve physical activity so I’m sitting while I’m doing them.

Fortunately, I like to exercise.   One of my favorite forms of exercise is walking.  I usually walk for 30 minutes on my lunch hour if the weather is nice and 30 minutes after work when I come home.  I also try to walk to the grocery store that’s near me if I know that I won’t be buying a lot of items.  Using public transportation adds to my walking routine since I have to walk to and from the train/bus stations.

Walking helps to relieve a lot of stress.  I can let my mind wander and I’m inspired by being outside.  This is how I became interested in my newest hobby which is photography.  I wanted to capture the beauty I was able to notice by not driving.

I’ve been wanting to take an exercise class for a while and I signed up to take spinning, Pilates, and Zumba.  Of all these classes, spinning is the one that intimidates me but I’m sure I’ll be fine.


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