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Finding My Passion

I’ve always been very passionate about my hobbies (writing, collecting postcards, and painting) but I was never passionate about my career.  I think that was because I’ve just been floating from job to job just to survive and it seemed like I would never find a career that fit me.  I’ve always had dreams of becoming a writer, owning a bookstore, and even working as a translator but all of these possibilities were almost unobtainable (in my opinion) and I think I was just stuck in a rut of going to work and coming home.  At the beginning to this year, I decided that I wanted to make some major changes in my life and one of the things I’ve done was to start taking courses to work towards a graduate degree in Spanish translation.

I’ve started taking a translation class this week and already I’m learning so much and I’m very excited and enthusiastic about this class and future classes.  I’m even interested in connecting to other translation students which is something that I’m not normally interested in (connecting with strangers).  I’ve even had dinner with a fellow translation student and I’ve learned a lot from her on the classes, expectations, and professional organizations I can join.  This is a huge change in my perspective because I would never try to network or join any type of professional organization for the career field I’m working in now.  My heart isn’t in my current profession and I have no interest in gaining further knowledge in this area.

I used to get annoyed with the people that I worked with in the past who would eagerly attend conferences, happy hours, and networking events but now I understand.  They were passionate about their career and wanted to meet other people who shared their same interests.  I’ve worked with people in the past who would attend continuing education courses and others who had even done research and were published.  Now these are goals that I have for myself.  Every morning I wake up excited and my mind is full of questions.  I think it’s because I’m working toward a purpose.  The thought of attending a conference or a training event is actually something I really want to do.  I’m also going to join the local profession organization for translators in my city.  I’ve also been reading as many blogs and books as I can on the subjects of translation and interpretation.

There is a quote that is credited to Confucius that say, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  This is something I’m beginning to believe.  It’s a struggle to get out to the bed most morning because I spend a large portion of my day working in a career that I’m not meant to be in.  I can only imagine the change that I’ll feel once I start to work as a translator.

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4 thoughts on “Finding My Passion

  1. I am glad you found passion in your new career. I know how important it is – you actually can’t wait to go to work. My passion is accounting (I know…boring…), and I even find myself reading accounting books for pleasure at times. It is also much easier to connect with people when you share a common interest. You are very courageous to change your life like this :)

    • Thank you for your comment. This is a new start in my life and I’m really excited about it. I believe that I’m on the right track because my attitude towards this career is so different from any other job I’ve done.

      • I understand what you mean. I think I am ready for change too. Even though I am quite happy in my career, my back seems to hate long hours in the office chair. I am in a very beginning of my journey, though. Still musing what else I could do.

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