Topics I Won’t Discuss With My Pen Pals

by Nina

Letter set My Little Bear

Image by ♥ Xanda ♥ via Flickr

I was reading on a pen pal forum and someone asked if there were topics that people did not discuss with their pen pals.  I think that having pen pals is the same is having a true friendship with a person.  Just as there are friends in my circle that I’m closer to than others, there are pen pals that I’m closer to and I’m more open with.  Regardless of our closeness, there are still some topics that I usually don’t discuss with pen pals.

I don’t discuss politics whether it is American politics or the political situation of the countries my pen pals live in.  First, I’m not into politics at all so I’m not naturally inclined to speak about it.  Second, I don’t always understand the politics of the countries that my pen pals live in so I’m not able to speak on things in an intelligent manner.  Finally, politics can be a controversial subject and especially when you don’t agree with the way someone else views things.  Instead of initiating a conversation about a topic that might cause an argument, there are a ton of others topics that I can think of to discuss with my pen pals.

I’m also cautious about discussing religion.  I don’t mind reading about my pen pals’ religious beliefs and I think it is fascinating that there are so many spiritual beliefs around the world.  I do draw the line when people start trying to “convert” me to their spiritual beliefs and I rarely discuss my own religious beliefs with my pen pals (unless they ask).

Something that will likely happen after you’ve has been pen palling for awhile is that you will find that you and a particular pen pal will have other pen pals in common. One thing I don’t do is discuss my relationship with one pen pal to another pen pal that we have in common.  I also don’t get into conflicts if one of my pen pals starts to have problems with another pen pal that we have in common.  I don’t like to be drawn into another person’s conflicts and I think the best way to resolve a problem you’re having with a person is to deal with that person one on one without having others get involved.

Since I’m a private person, I don’t always talk about whom I’m dating and I never discuss my sex life.  This is something that is personal and I’m actually like this with my circle of friends that aren’t pen pals.  I’ve never been the type of woman who feels that I need to talk about every single aspect of my love life and who I may or may not be dating