by Nina

I only have two more weeks of the Intercultural Communications class and I am currently working on my final project.  In this class we’ve been studying different approaches to training on intercultural communications as well as ways to develop and implement the training.  Last week my professor showed us a video of her doing an intercultural training module for a group.  It was interesting to watch the dynamics between her and the people she was training.  She was very friendly with everyone and extremely approachable.  She was also really funny and just seemed to be “on”.  It’s interesting because there was a time when I thought that I would want to be a professional trainer.  I thought that it would fit well with my personality as well as the skills that I have as a professional.  The more I think about it, them more I realize that training would not have been a good career for me.

I think that I was drawn to training as a career option at one point in my life because I have been the department trainer in a few of my jobs.  Whenever there was a new person, I would be responsible for training them in addition to my other duties.  I was successful at it and I think the reason why is because I was training someone one on one.  I wasn’t standing up in front of a group of people where all eyes were watching me.  I also wasn’t trying to entertain the person I was training to keep them interested in what I was teaching them.  It seems like you have to “perform” and always be “on” in order to be a successful trainer and that makes sense.  No one wants to listen to a person they feel is boring or uninteresting.  By nature, I am not a person who is always up for performance.  I have a good sense of humor but I don’t know if I could easily tell jokes or be entertaining in order to hold someone’s attention during training.

I know what it’s like to perform because I’ve studied music since I was a child and I’ve participated in many music concerts and recitals.  As nervous as I would be, once I started playing, it would actually be a wonderful experience.  There was an energy I felt from playing the music and there was an energy I would feel from the audience that was listening.  Maybe that’s what my professor feels when she trains.  Because I was passionate about the music I was playing, I believe that is the reason I could get up and perform and maybe that is same way my professor feels just as passionate about the subject she trains on.

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