My Different Jobs

by Nina

I was inspired to write this post to analyze the jobs I’ve had in the past after reading this blog entry.  I graduated with my BA in Spanish in 1999 and since then I’ve had a few jobs and none of them have been jobs that I’ve liked.  Here they are:

–       Bilingual Elementary School Teacher

–       Lead Bookseller

–       Billing Advisor

–       Accounting Analyst (present)

Bilingual Elementary School Teacher – This was definitely not a job for me because I’m not a kid person.  My students were awesome but I had a hard time being tied to a classroom all day with 40 kids.  The two things I did like about this job was the fact that I spoke a lot of Spanish and I was able to use my creativity to make lesson plans.  I probably would have been an excellent teacher if I had stayed.  When I started the school year, the majority of my students were not reading at the grade level and many were way behind in math.  By the end of the school year, over half of my class was reading at grade level or above and many had improved in their math skills.

Lead Bookseller – I always thought it would be interesting to work in a bookstore and to even own my own bookstore one day; however that changed after this job.  I couldn’t believe how rude and ignorant some of the customers were.  The thing I did really like were the people I worked with.  I think this is the only job were I pretty much liked everyone there.  I actually didn’t mind going out to lunch or hanging out with my co-workers on the weekends.  I also enjoyed the fact that everyone that worked there was an avid book reader and interested in so many different subjects.

Billing Advisor – This was a position that I held at a university and it wasn’t right for me because it involved a lot of contact with the public.  I was fine helping people figure out how to pay for their education and to advise them on where to find scholarship but once again, I had to deal with a lot of rude and angry people.  I think there is a lot of frustration that people experience when trying to fund their education and that I can understand; however I did not have the patience to deal with all of the negativity.

Accounting Analyst – This is my current position and it is a heavy accounting position.  Even though I don’t have an accounting degree, I quickly picked up on everything which is good.  Accounting is very boring to me and it is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I’m also in graduate school and I’m studying to be a Spanish Translator.  Being a translator is my dream job and it is a career field that I’ve always been interested in.  I also like the flexibility that this degree will offer me and I’m leaving my options open as to which direction I’ll go once I finish school.  I finally feel like I’m moving in the right direction with my career and I’m looking forward to my future.

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