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Languages I Speak

I can speak two languages fluently: English and Spanish. English is my first language and Spanish is my second, however I speak Spanish as well as I speak English. Many times people have thought I was originally from Latin America because I speak Spanish so well. I started learning Spanish when I was middle school and took a few Spanish classes when I was high school. In college, I decided to major in Spanish because I loved the language so much. I would spend hours studying the language and perfecting my accent so that I would be able to properly pronounce the words. I lived abroad a short time to build my fluency and that was one of the best experiences of my life.

Speaking Spanish has a huge influence in my life. I speak, read, write, think, and even dream in Spanish. There are even times when words or sentences will come to me completely in Spanish even though I’m speaking in English. I think that this something that happens to a lot of people who are bilingual. Many people have a hard time understanding how I could be so fluent in another language that was not spoken to me from birth but it’s possible. I have friends who have also learned other languages and many of them have the same experiences as I do.

I’m interested in learning French and Portuguese. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take classes to learn these languages also.

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10 thoughts on “Languages I Speak

  1. Good for you! Language opens doors to other cultures. I grew up speaking Spanish in the home and it’s a wonderful language to know. Hope you pick up the other languages as well as you did Spanish. :)

    • I do hope that I’m able to learn other languages also. You’re correct about how learning another language opens you up to other cultures and I believe that it also opens you to other ways of thinking and expression.

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  3. Since you’re so fond of Spanish, you may enjoy browsing through the postings at the blog I’ve been writing for half a year; it deals with the many connections between words in Spanish and English. Elsewhere you mentioned Portuguese and French, both of which I’ve also studied, and references to which show up in my postings as well. (By the way, I’m in that rare group of Americans who studied Portuguese before Spanish, rather than the other way around.)

    • Thank you for telling me about your blog and I’ve now subscribed to it. I’m really interested in etymology so I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  6. I have the same experience with English and Spanish that you have; picking up French and Portuguese will be a breeze (I also began studying those after I achieved fluency in Spanish). Bon chance!

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