Languages I Speak

by Nina

I can speak two languages fluently: English and Spanish. English is my first language and Spanish is my second, however I speak Spanish as well as I speak English. Many times people have thought I was originally from Latin America because I speak Spanish so well. I started learning Spanish when I was middle school and took a few Spanish classes when I was high school. In college, I decided to major in Spanish because I loved the language so much. I would spend hours studying the language and perfecting my accent so that I would be able to properly pronounce the words. I lived abroad a short time to build my fluency and that was one of the best experiences of my life.

Speaking Spanish has a huge influence in my life. I speak, read, write, think, and even dream in Spanish. There are even times when words or sentences will come to me completely in Spanish even though I’m speaking in English. I think that this something that happens to a lot of people who are bilingual. Many people have a hard time understanding how I could be so fluent in another language that was not spoken to me from birth but it’s possible. I have friends who have also learned other languages and many of them have the same experiences as I do.

I’m interested in learning French and Portuguese. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take classes to learn these languages also.

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